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practice practice practice

2009-01-06 04:52:29 by Rwinius


I havent submitted much recently, mostly because im honing my skills to create a decent symphonie..
since thats not the easiest task in the world, i need lots and lots of practice before i can pull anything off.

got tips or suggestions?
go ahead and leave a comment, i could use a helping hand :)

for now this ll have to do

~thanks for dropping by


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2009-04-02 12:38:10

Can't help but agree with your most recent review.

Rwinius responds:

thanks :)

im glad


2009-05-21 11:54:59

Experiment with your music! Maybe it will turn out bad, or maybe it will turn out good. A good idea is to download a shitload of Vst instruments, and just put something together Xp